I love seeing my clients happy! Join them!

Emily - Nashville, TN
Laura has made a great impact on my life. Before coaching with her I had low self esteem, and was a very negative person. Throughout my time working with her, I have learned to accept and love myself as well as the life I’m living. Working with her has felt like working with a friend. She is kind, patient, and truly wants to help. She asks questions, and guides you until you find the answers within yourself. I would recommend Laura if you are unhappy with any aspect of your life. Whether that be because of your career, or because of deeper issues within yourself. Laura can help you find clarity.
Thomas - St. Charles, MO
Before my coaching sessions with Laura I was stuck in a pattern of self-destructive behaviors. I had no job, I was mooching off my family as a 22-year-old, lying to myself and everyone around me about what I wanted to do in life. I didn’t talk to my father, my mother thought I was going to live at her house forever, and I was an unemployable mess. You get the picture.Since coaching with Laura I have started my own business generating enough income to provide for my very own family. Laura’s wisdom and tools have helped me through all the stress and anxiety of starting my own business, and I feel such a great overall satisfaction with life. If I ever feel overwhelmed or out of balance, I go see Laura for a follow up Reiki session. She has helped me relieve various physical pains and I feel fully back in alignment whenever I end a session with her.I would recommend Laura if you are dealing with any challenge in life. I believe in her ability to make impactful changes that last a lifetime. I always recommend her whenever I sense someone is going through a hard time.
Lizzy - Los Angeles, CA
Before coaching with Laura, I was unable to motivate myself or hold myself accountable for changes I wanted to make in my life. I would half-heartedly try to incorporate different things into my life, such as reading a self-help book or forcing myself to try to open up to people, but each time met with resistance because I wasn't truly inspired to make a change and grow as a person. I would revert back to old habits of negative thoughts which would give way to my crippling anxiety. As a result of working with Laura, I feel so much calmer and happier in my life. She opened the door to ways I could look at myself critically, but also respectfully, so I could really get to the root of my mental blocks and figure out what works best for me to handle them. She’s a great listener, each session guided by my experiences throughout the week which would become a main focal point of discussion. She also gave great homework assignments. I came to her because I felt stuck in my career,  but she ended up helping me transform in all aspects of life. The homework would allow me to be creative while also helping me explore my future and grow my mindset. I am now able to look at the world and myself in a much more positive light. I would recommend Laura if you feel unhappy or negative in your life or about yourself, you need career/relationship/life advice, if you want to make a big change, but are too afraid to, and if you just want a wonderful person to listen and speak with you in a companionable way. I am so thankful to Laura for showing me ways to really listen to myself and grow as a person. She paved the way, and I feel so ready and prepared to go out and live the best life I can.
Rochelle - Sonora, CA
Right before Laura approached me about life coaching, I had just started to feel like I was missing something in my life. I felt stuck in my career as well as in my personal life and Laura reached out to me offering to help me through some of these challenges. I knew that I needed support to obtain clarity about my purpose in life and to dig into who I truly am.
During my first sessions I didn’t entirely know what I expected from a life coach. Laura blew me away. I left that first session with goals set and knowing the support I needed in letting go of past traumas to help create lasting, healthy relationships, and to believe in myself.
As we continued our weekly sessions Laura supported me in setting and obtaining my goals and commitments in a helpful and motivating way. She held me accountable, even when I shifted my goals. This is part of what sets Laura aside from the rest, this is what a coach SHOULD do! She truly wanted what was best for me and I love that she incorporated her spirituality. I feel such alignment with her teachings. This journey hasn’t been easy, so to have her continual light and support has been phenomenal.

Laura has tied her spirituality and exercises to bring me to breathtaking breakthroughs. I have gained such confidence as a parent, partner, and person. I have let go of resentments that have followed me through my entire life. Before I started coaching with her, I didn’t know how to be in a healthy relationship and was constantly allowing toxic, short term people into my life. Since working with her, I’ve learned not only to be happy by myself, but also to set standards and expectations for what I want and deserve in a relationship. I have finally released all the toxic relationships from my life and I have no desire to ever go back. I am now making choices for my happiness and wellbeing, and for the first time in a long time I am feeling empowered and excited about opening up and allowing healthy relationships into my life. I now know my self worth.
Laura genuinely cares about my well being and puts such effort into clearly explaining concepts. She is such a light in life, and truly gives herself for the benefit of others. I go into my sessions with my puzzle pieces and with her support I come out feeling more put together than I ever dreamed possible. I have come so far in my journey, and am so excited to continue with her light and support.
I would recommend Laura if you are wanting a change in your life and need someone to support you with your journey. She is THE coach to support you in setting your goals and guiding you on your path to your best self.