I combine coaching techniques with reiki so my clients can reach their full potential mentally, emotionally and energetically.

In my coaching, I do not only focus on my clients’ dreams, aspirations, and ambitions but also on the shadow work necessary to achieve all these goals. I fully believe that to become the greatest versions of ourselves, we need to begin by not only finding the things that ignite our soul, but to also shine a light on the darkest parts of our being. Whether these are our limiting beliefs, our emotional baggage, or our relationships with both the outside world and ourselves, they all play a huge role in whether we can achieve true happiness and success. Reiki in itself is already an amazing, transformative tool to help release these emotional blocks, baggage and imbalances, but adding life coaching into the mix allows me to not only release my client’s blocks, but also to teach them how to prevent and handle blocks in the future. Using a combination of self discovery, reprogramming limiting beliefs, unpacking suppressed emotions and spiritual work allows me to effectively transform my clients' lives. By helping my clients clean their emotional and energetic slate, guiding them onto a path that ignites their soul, and giving them the tools needed to heal themselves through shadow work, I ensure that each of my clients is set up for complete success in their continuing journey!

So, you might be wondering what exactly Reiki is? Let me explain! To begin, what is energy? Energy is everything. All matter is made up of particles consisting mostly of empty space that is held together by energy. Even atoms can be described as mini force-fields of energy. They are constantly expanding and absorbing light and energy. This means that our bodies, as with everything around us, are simply energy. We are held together by electromagnetic waves and frequencies of light. They have focal points, convergence zones, or vortexes of this energy, which we recognize as chakras, auric fields, and vibrations. These are not necessarily random but have been found to be representations of your body, mind, emotions, and spiritual nature. Whenever we experience trauma, challenges, hardships or sometimes even victories, our energetic field can become blocked or out of balance. This shows up in our life in a multitude of ways such as anxiety, loneliness, low self-esteem or often even physical ways such as headaches or back pain. As an energy healer, I use Reiki, a Japanese form of energy healing, to connect to your energy system from anywhere in the world and both identify and remove these blockages. When doing this, you may experience warmth or tingling in your body, or sometimes even more emotional responses.

I have found that combining Reiki with Life Coaching is the most effective way to transform my clients’ lives, but I do offer both Reiki and Life Coaching separately as well.

See my comprehensive price list down below!

Single Sessions


Let's see how reiki can improve your life.

Life Coaching

Ready to work through your blocks, but not ready to commit to a package? No problem. I also offer individual coaching sessions!

Life Coaching + Reiki

Take advantage of this incredible deal and combine your coaching and reiki session into one two hour session!



Spiritual Mentorship Program

The perfect plan for anyone newly embarking on their spiritual journey and looking for someone to guide and direct them during this incredible, transformative period.

  • $800 for all included sessions
  • a $985 value
  • Free consultation
  • 6 weekly spiritual mentorship sessions
  • 1 Reiki session
  • 1 Oracle Card reading
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Best value

Life Transformation Package

Perfect for anyone ready to overhaul their life. This package includes both reiki, life coaching and spiritual mentorship for a complete and total life transformation.

  • $2,000 for all included sessions
  • a $2310 value
  • Free consultation
  • 12 weekly life coaching + spiritual mentorship sessions
  • 6 Reiki sessions
  • 2 Oracle Card readings

Impact Coaching

Perfect for anyone ready to cut through the bull, and make quick and lasting changes to impact their personal and professional lives.

  • $500 for all included sessions
  • a $600 value
  • Free consultation
  • 4 weekly impact coaching sessions
  • 1 Oracle Card reading
  • (Optional) 1 half priced Reiki session
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