About Me

When I was 19 years old, I moved halfway across the world from Amsterdam, The Netherlands to beautiful, sunny California. This period in my life was the first time I realized I had the power to completely reinvent myself. I went from being insecure and afraid to dress and express myself the way I wanted, to being known for my confidence and fun style. Everyone who had ever known me, anyone who had ever had an opinion about me was gone. Just like that, I had a clean slate. I had nothing holding me back from becoming the person I wanted to be.

It took me four years to realize that the only person who had ever been holding me back from this was myself. Once I made the move and reinvented myself, I became stuck again: stuck in my job, stuck in my relationships, stuck in my self-expression, stuck in this new version I had created of myself. Limited not by those around me but by my own beliefs about who I was and who society expected me to be. I settled for the idea that I would need to go to college to get a job that did not feel like my calling, but rather the most achievable alternative. I settled for the idea that life is supposed to be hard and happiness is for the few who are lucky enough to find it.

It took me four years, and mounds of spiritual growth to realize the truth; happiness has nothing to do with luck. Happiness is not some golden ticket few of us find through hard work and fortunate circumstances. Happiness is our basic, human right. Happiness is everywhere around us and within us, yet most of us are so blinded by our own beliefs we have lost the ability to see it.

Finding inner peace and happiness has inspired me to bring change to the lives of those around me. I have made it my mission to help those around me embark on their own journey of happiness and spiritual growth; to find true fulfillment, peace and inner joy in their everyday lives; to take back power over their own narrative; to choose love over fear; to choose THEMSELVES over other people’s expectations.

I am here to help YOU.

I am so excited to work alongside you on this beautiful chapter in your life.

Love, Laura.