Ready for absolute confidence in yourself... and a life that fulfills you?

I'm a spiritual teacher, life coach, and reiki practitioner.

I'm here to help you create lasting change in your life.

After years of feeling lost as a young adult in today’s society, held back by my limiting beliefs, childhood traumas and societal conditioning, I embarked on a spiritual journey that would change life as I knew it forever. Now, I am a certified life coach and reiki practitioner and I help clients from all across the world:

Crush limiting beliefs holding them back from success.

Fully embody confidence in their personal and professional lives.

Set goals and actually follow through on them.

Align with the abundant flow of God and The Universe.

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Are you tired of feeling stuck?

You desire to live a happy, fulfilled life, and you know that you deserve it. So... what's holding you back?

You lack the self confidence to follow through on your goals...

When you think of all the changes you want to make in your life you begin to feel overwhelmed...

You're stressed out, and most days you just feel like giving up...

You struggle forming or maintaining healthy relationships with friends, family and partners...

You lack spiritual guidance in your life and you haven't been able to find it in your community...

You're unsure of what your purpose or passion really is...

You just feel STUCK...

If you check ANY of these boxes, working with a life coach could be deeply transformative for you. All you need to do is TAKE THAT FIRST STEP.
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Packages & Pricing

Spiritual Mentorship Program

The perfect plan for anyone newly embarking on their spiritual journey and looking for someone to guide and direct them during this incredible, transformative period.

  • $800 for all included sessions
  • a $985 value
  • Free consultation
  • 6 weekly spiritual mentorship sessions
  • 1 Reiki session
  • 1 Oracle Card reading
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Best value

Life Transformation Package

Perfect for anyone ready overhaul their life. This package includes both reiki, life coaching and spiritual mentorship for a complete and total life transformation.

  • $2,000 for all included sessions
  • a $2310 value
  • Free consultation
  • 12 weekly life coaching + spiritual mentorship sessions
  • 6 Reiki sessions
  • 2 Oracle Card readings

Impact Coaching

Perfect for anyone ready to cut through the bull, and make quick and lasting changes to impact their personal and professional lives.

  • $500 for all included sessions
  • a $600 value
  • Free consultation
  • 4 weekly impact coaching sessions
  • 1 Oracle Card reading
  • (Optional) 1 half priced Reiki session
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Not convinced yet?

Hear what other people are saying.

Each and every one of my clients cannot say enough about the improvements to their lives after working with me.
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Lizzy - Los Angeles, CA
Before coaching with Laura, I was unable to motivate myself or hold myself accountable for changes I wanted to make in my life. I would half-heartedly try to incorporate different things into my life, such as reading a self-help book or forcing myself to try to open up to people, but each time met with resistance because I wasn't truly inspired to make a change and grow as a person. I would revert back to old habits of negative thoughts which would give way to my crippling anxiety. As a result of working with Laura, I feel so much calmer and happier in my life. She opened the door to ways I could look at myself critically, but also respectfully, so I could really get to the root of my mental blocks and figure out what works best for me to handle them. She paved the way, and I feel so ready and prepared to go out and live the best life I can
Emily - Nashville, TN
Laura has made a great impact on my life. Before coaching with her I had low self esteem, and was a very negative person. Throughout my time working with her, I have learned to accept and love myself as well as the life I’m living. Working with her has felt like working with a friend. She is kind, patient, and truly wants to help. She asks questions, and guides you until you find the answers within yourself. I would recommend Laura if you are unhappy with any aspect of your life. Whether that be because of your career, or because of deeper issues within yourself. Laura can help you find clarity.


Let's see if we're a good fit for each other. Set up a free consultation and begin your journey today!
I can't even put into words the pure joy it brings me to watch my clients reach their AHA moments, which result in impactful, lasting transformations. Everyone has their own unique transformation story. Where does yours begin?
Love, Laura Michelle Gray